Bedrooms are also dressing rooms, and as such, require a mirror, full length if possible. This can be hung on the back of a door if space is tight. A boudoir chair and dressing table will give you a quiet place to prepare for the day, or night. If you have room, an upholstered chair and footstool for reading or watching television adds another layer of comfort. Window seats mean a place to perch as well as extra storage built in underneath.
A bedside table is hard to live without. It holds the clock or clock radio, your book, a reading lamp, and favorite photos. Try to keep the articles on this table to a minimum. (But always find space for a tiny bouquet of flowers.)
It is not necessary that all the furniture in the bedroom match in style or age. But it helps to have a basic look in mind, and take cues from this to connect the pieces. It could be a specific color, or fabric, or a group of patterns that complement one another.