Interior Designing and Construction

Interior designing and construction is a term that is used to include the art and process of designing the interior, and sometimes the exterior, of a space that may be a building or just a room. The interior designer may also be required to coordinate the execution and management of a project with the responsibility that can extend to include supervision of construction as well. It is clear from the above that interior design is a profession that demands multiple skills like communication, conceptual development of a project, and management apart from design.

Types of Interior Design


The term residential design refers to the design of the interior designing and construction of residences which may include independent private residences and apartments. Here the design is meant for specific individual requirements. It calls for frequent interactions with the clients. The designer has to take into account the personal requirements and aspirations of the individual or individuals while designing. The interior designer's work may involve associating with the project from the early planning stage. Often he may be called upon to remodel an existing building. This kind of project may need his close involvement and may run into months before it can be finalized in tune with the ambitions of the client.


Interior designing and construction of commercial spaces covers a wide range of other specialties as below.

Retail sector: malls, department stores, shopping centers, showrooms, and specialty stores are included.
Corporate: design and construction of banks, offices, and other business houses.
Healthcare: the design of laboratories, hospitals, medical offices, psychiatric facilities, dentist office, and medical specialist facilities.
Hospitality and Recreation: includes hotels, resorts, motels, restaurants, nightclubs, cruise ships, casinos, bars, cafes, theaters, opera houses, music and concert halls, clubs and spas, sports venues, gyms, etc.
Industrial facilities: manufacturing plants, training centers, and import/export facilities.
Institutional: government offices, schools and universities, religious facilities, and financial institutions (banks and credit unions).
Exhibition: includes museums, exhibition hall, gallery, special mention may be made about interior designing and construction of showroom and exhibition. Traffic building: airports, subway station, bus station, pier, etc.
Sports: includes gyms, stadiums, swimming rooms, basketball hall, etc.
A new concept in interior designing and construction is now popular and that is sustainable architecture. The condition of sustainability stipulates that the construction of the building should be such that it is environmentally friendly. The present trend is that a building should be constructed in a manner which is environmentally friendly in terms of the production of its materials, its impact upon the natural and built environment of its surrounding area and the demands that it makes upon power sources for heating, cooling, water, lighting and waste management. This would mean that interior designing and construction is a job involving a lot of social responsibility.