BATHROOM RENOVATION , Replacing Bathroom fittings and tiles

Bathroom renovation could be done with modern bathroom fittings and tiles, bathroom lighting, Pipes and accessories, latest innovative tiles that ensure non slippery and decorative colors matching with the theme of the homeowner's taste. Bathtub and the shower accessories are available with lot of designs that suits the budget.

This clean and modern master bath renovation has a rich look with proper bathroom fittings and tiles, yet was built using relatively inexpensive materials. Stainless-steel columns and ceiling covering contrast with the natural warmth of "travertine" marble, 12 X 12 bathroom tiles on the walls and counter tops, and ash veneer cabinetry.

A basement bathroom doesn't get a lot of natural light, so the indirect cove lighting and numerous recessed and surface-mounted fixtures play a big role in keeping this bathroom light and bright. Note too the glass-block detailing on the wall above the whirlpool tub, which allows what daylight there is to penetrate into the room while still A CUSTOM-BUILT, MISSION-STYLE, quarter saw oak storage unit takes center stage in this renovated Arts and Crafts bathroom.
New fixtures with traditional styling improve the bathroom's function, while Craftsman-type detailing-like the meticulously tiled floor and wainscot-help it retain its character and charm Located in a basement. Bathroom tiles are with modern look as well as one like contemporary style.Stainless steel bathroom fittings and tiles gives life and you need not repair or change the style often, that may cost a lot for you. This bathroom has plenty of room but not a lot of natural light. Dedicating smaller areas to specific functions, differentiating between them with stainless-steel columns and varied ceiling heights, and making sure each area has ample artificial light helps define the boundaries while unifying the large space.

Nowadays plumbing works can be done by ourselves as the ready made bathroom fittings are available in the market. Marbles and quality tiles in the local market not too costly. Lighting fixtures are with waterproof accessories could be fixed for safety purpose.