Duvets are not for everyone. Being tucked under a cozy blanket or two is a familiar and comforting experience. Today there is a wide range of man- made blends along with the long-standing woolens that are easy-care and lighter weight. From the traditional Hudson's Bay blanket, perfect companion at the cottage or on the trail, to the tactile chenille and cashmere treasures that soothe the senses, the range of styles and prices and their versatile nature make blankets an exciting alternative.

storage strategies

There will never be enough closet space in a house or apartment. We are collectors by nature, and I find it impossible to locate a spare drawer or shelf anywhere in my home, especially in the bedroom. Storage is always a challenge, but there are ways to accommodate the overflow that are practical as well as good-looking. Start with what you have, and if you live in an older apartment building or home, it will most likely be an undersized closet. A closet organizer will make all the difference, allowing you to use every square inch to advantage. If your bedroom has a large closet system, it should still be organized with a combination of hanging rods, shelving, and compartments for shoes, shirts, and sweaters. The rest of your storing you do with furniture pieces such as a dresser or an armoire, a blanket box or trunk, baskets, and boxes.
A well-made dresser can last many lifetimes; it probably will go out of style before it wears out. But a dresser is easy to transform with a lick of paint and a change of hardware. You can also add stock moldings and other decorative details to reinvent the piece. Reasonably priced case goods may fit your budget but not your style, so refinish these dressers the same way.
Armoires, originally produced to store clothing and bedding before built-in closets were thought of, have returned with increasing popularity. If your bedroom is a multi-purpose space where you watch television, pay bills, or listen to music, an armoire also makes a great entertainment center for a TV, stereo, tapes, books, and files. Like the dresser, decorating it to enhance your decor is easy. Since armoires are quite large, one will be a central piece, along with your bed, for building a theme.
Blanket boxes and old steamer trunks are a good size to store linens or sweaters, and their flat tops make perfect places for piling up bed- spreads and extra pillows while you sleep. They can also double as table surfaces. Wicker baskets are invaluable for holding reading material, clothing accessories such as belts and handbags, photograph albums, and other memorabilia. They can be stacked or lined up on a closet shelf or slid under the bed for easy access. If you are going to store delicate items such as lingerie or sweaters in a wicker basket, make a fabric lining for the interior to prevent the wicker from snagging them.
Decorative boxes in graduated sizes are an attractive method for storing jewelry, correspondence paper and pens, and other miscellany. You'll find plenty of plain boxes in various shapes and sizes at the craft store. They can be embellished with specialty papers, decoupage, fabric, or paint, and make beautiful additions stacked on a dressing table.