BathRoom for Two
Bathroom interiors including bathroom fittings and pipes as well as plumbing makes the perfect bathroom. Bathroom tiles selection tips and ideas will be given. This master bath features a central dressing room with floor-to-ceiling storage accessed by a custom fabricated, aluminum library-type ladder. The toilet and shower area are contained in a separate "wet room," which is separated from the main bath by a sliding translucent glass door that provides privacy and keeps moisture under control by keeping splashes in their place. Note the cozy carpeting underfoot in the dressing area, a nice feature for Maine's cool mornings
THE POCKET DOOR TO THE TOILET AND SHOWER is made up of two layers of sandblasted glass facing inward, giving the door a translucent quality and keeping it easier to clean.
THE CENTRAL DRESSING AREA has a high ceiling with floor-to-ceiling storage. It's well lit by a custom-fabricated ceiling fixture, strategically placed recessed lighting, and linear fluorescent lights diffused by sandblasted-glass shades

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