Bedroom Makeover
Storage for clothing is required, and places to put your bedside read- ing. Lighting is also important, whether it's the sunshine that wel- comes in a new day or the ideal reading light.
Before you venture out to choose bedding, you must first decide what type of bedroom fits your personality and lifestyle. How will you use this room? Do you sleep alone? Do you work in bed, watch TV, or spend lazy Sundays pampering yourself? Does your partner share in the decorating decisions or does he or she leave it all up to you? Maybe you're designing a guest room, or your bedroom is part of an open loft. Once you have decided how the room is to be used, then think about the style. Is it to be a sexy room or have a sleek, contemporary design? Do you favor a room filled with natural light, or cocooned in a sultry candle lit space? To help you get inspired, I have chosen some of my favorite hotel rooms from around the world. Whether it's a breezy oasis in Jamaica, or the rustic decoration of an Adirondack lodge, there is always something that we can borrow from these splendid venues and incorporate into our own homes.
Making over a bedroom, like any other room, takes planning and preparation. Walls need to be prepped before fresh paint goes on; renewing and reinventing furniture that you've had for years or just picked up at a flea market will require cleaning and sanding first. If you are pulling up wall-to-wall carpet, the floor will need attention. If the room lacks any architectural details, you may choose to add mold- ings. There is a huge variety of molding styles at your lumber store, primed and ready to put up and paint.
Being aware of what types of paint and other decorative materials are available for your decorating needs is half the battle. Knowing how to use them properly and to your advantage will guarantee a long- lasting result. So dig into the preparation section before you begin, or whenever we refer to it in individual project instructions. You will always save time and money in the end.
Once the mood and style of the room are decided upon, the differ- ent bedroom makeovers in this book will help you put your vision onto the walls, floors, and furnishings. Borrow a wall finish from one bed- room and a window treatment from another. Inject your own color sense into the project. Remember there are no hard-and-fast rules in decorating. plan to please yourself.