Acoustical soundproofing wooden wall covers/panels are used for wall applications for controlling and reducing the noise and also for better sound quality in a room. Acoustical wooden wall covers while retaining the excellent qualities of genuine wood like its beauty also has added properties of acoustical control. Acoustical wooden wall covers and panels are manufactured in an assortment of arrangements to meet a dominant part of acoustical prerequisites. In spite of the fact that materials that are rigid and flat like wood are by nature reflective, the balance between sound reflection and absorption is made possible by perforations. Perforated wood panels, together with absorptive backings is suitable for enchanting finishes while retaining excellent acoustic properties.

Lacquered and Veneered acoustical soundproofed Wooden Panels for Walls
Paint lacquered and wood veneered surfaces for wooden wall can be made to match the room furnishing which will enhance the appearance of the room. There is a wide selection of wooden panels to choose from. You can have acoustical wooden wall covers with a range of designs of perforations and grooves. Sound absorption is made possible by the modern Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines creating different shapes of perforations, which are round, elongated or of irregular shapes or linear grooves having slotted or perforated backside. Such wall covers and panels installed on walls and ceilings absorb sound, reducing the reverberation time thus creating the perfect acoustic environment.

Acoustical wooden wall covers with absorptive properties are available with acoustic non-woven textile black backer. If you require extra absorption, you can add more absorptive material. It is possible to achieve Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.9 with such arrangement.

The acoustical soundproofing wooden wall covers as a acoustical soundproofing wall panel system has a core of chipboard or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and the veneer is applied with two finishing coats of a lacquer of UV-poly-acrylate type. This system can be fixed to the wall with the help of nail clips and wooden strips (furring strips). Standard wooden wall covers or panels are available with two types of edge details: flush edge and reveal edge. There is a 10 mm gap between the planks in the reveal edge detail. This gap is for fixing the wood strips so that the nail clips will be concealed. To fix covers or panels with flush edge detail feature there is no need for wood strips because they butt together. The joint has 2 mm bevel between the panels.

Acoustical wooden wall covers give a natural elegant look to the interior. There is flexibility in design and acoustics with economical coverings for walls. Installation is relatively simple with edges details with overlap giving a joint-free finished look. Acoustical wooden wall covers are suitable for auditoriums, restaurants, offices, schools and theatres.