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Acoustical Wall Panels soundproofing For Interior designing and decorations

Noise reduction is, nowadays, one of the factors considered during the interior designing process. Be it an office, hospital, or home, it is desirable to keep the noise level to a minimum for optimized functioning of human beings. Noise itself refers to unwanted or undesired sound and thus should be reduced since it can cause irritation and confusion. These disturbances include echoes and reverberations. Echoes are caused when sound hit a surface and bounces off. Reverberations occur when the reflected sound interacts with the incident sound.

Reducing noise level in a room can be achieved by studying the room acoustics and coming up with solutions tailor made for each room. Using curtains, carpets etc can control echoes and reverberations, but only to an extend. There are several acoustic products available that can be used to alter the room acoustics to suit your needs. Acoustic panels are one of the acoustic products used to reduce the noise level in a room. Acoustic panels are products that can absorb sound and there by prevent the light from reflecting off their surface causing echoes and reverberations. They are made of fabrics that can absorb sound.

Below are a list of things you should know before choosing acoustic panels for a perfect looking interior.

  • Colours and design

    In the olden days, acoustic panels were available in dull colours and were not preferred by interior designers since they dragged down the appearance of the interiors. But now, acoustic panels are available in variety of colours and designs among which you can choose the one suiting the colour theme and design of the interiors of your room. Acoustic art panels that have artistic designs, posters, pictures or even paintings on them are also available. You can even choose the design or style you want, that will suit the room's purpose, like company's logo, if it is a meeting room. This will provide a completely new and enhanced visual experience.

  • Floating fabric design

    'Floating fabric' design is one in which you can change the fabric of the acoustic panel to suit a special occasion or a new colour theme. You may also remove the fabric and put it back after a day or a week or may be an year as you may please. You can wash the fabric and put it back and it will look brand new. This will help maintain the appearance of the room.

  • Specifications and performance

    In the end, an acoustic panel should serve its purpose of reducing noise. Even if the panel looks attractive, it is useless if it doesn't keep the noise level in the room, minimum. According to the thickness and absorption coefficients of the panels, its ability to reduce noise will differ. Specifications like Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) can be used to determine this. NRC is 0.85 means 85% of the sound hitting the panel is absorbed. Right type and amount of acoustic panels when placed right, will completely cancel out noises.

Different types of acoustic panels are available in different shapes, sizes, properties and costs. Choose the right ones for designing your interiors.

If you want to soundproof your home or workplace you can contact Interior Game.

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