Selecting a Style
OFTEN A HOUSE'S ARCHITECTURAL STYLE plays a major role in determining the style of its bathrooms. For example, if your home has beautiful Craftsman-style detailing, it makes sense to incorporate those same features in your bathroom's design.
But other houses are less bound by tradition, and the bathrooms in them offer a wider range of options for self-expression. Whether you remain contemporary or try to re-create a period look, choose a style that reflects your own interests, that creates an atmosphere that invigorates you in the morning and relaxes you at night, and that makes the room a desirable place to be small hexagonal floor tiles, and Anaglypta'", atextured,linoleum-based, paintable wall covering, were typical details used in 1920S- era bathrooms.

A BLEND OF the traditional and the contemporary, this seaside master bathroom and the home that it's located in were inspired by the surrounding Shingle-style homes built along Maine's coast at the end of the 19th century.
The bath takes advantage of the vista toward the nearby harbor with a big bay window in the tub area; the frameless glass shower enclosure is a decidedly modern touch.