Bathroom is not just bathing and toilet, it is the place for relaxing and pampering and beautification etc. It is so private place for every one. Japanese style bathrooms are one of the best bathroom styles to admire with.

In the Japanese Tradition
INSPIRATION FOR A BATHROOM DESIGN, Bathroom fittings and tiles
can come from a particular culture just as easily as from a particular period of time or architectural style. In this Vermont mountain side retreat, the homeowners' interest in Japanese art and architecture is reflected in the first-floor bath, which is designed to resemble a traditional Japanese communal bath with tiles and bathroom fittings.
Complete with tatami mats, wooden buckets, and a stone and bamboo fountain, the bath also features a gorgeous tile mural, which is a copy of an 18th-century painting. Characteristic of the sento(a public bath), this room features an open layout and generous use of natural materials like slate, granite, and wood, creating an environment that invites contemplation and ritual.
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