It has never been so easy to tailor a bedroom to your own tastes. Bedroom suites and wall-to-wall carpets have given way to a more relaxed combination of furnishings and floor coverings. Whether you are starting from scratch or planning a makeover, it's helpful to think about each of the components that contribute to the overall look and feel of the room. The bed and how you dress it is going to have the biggest impact on this private space. The bed is the largest piece of furniture, and in smaller bedrooms it will even take up most of the floor space. The other furniture-dressers, armoires, chairs, and bedside tables-as well as wall colors, floor finishes, and window treatments will all be chosen to complement the style and mood you set with your bed.
There is no end to the possibilities. Country themes will never lose their charm. Traditional chintzes, rich brocades, and velvets hold time- less classical elegance. Do you love the big bed look-a deep mattress raised high off the floor, covered with a lofty duvet and mountains of pillows? Or are you of a sleeker frame of mind-minimal height, per- haps a single mattress set onto a platform, with covers tucked in and simple, serviceable pillows? Whatever look you wish to achieve, there is an exciting range of beds, linens, fabrics, paint colors, and techniques to inspire you. Here's an overview of what you will need to make your dreams sweet and your spirit rested.