Acoustical Curtains
Acoustical curtains are a type of soundproofing fabric curtains. There are many reasons to use soundproofing curtains. Soundproof, blackout curtains are commonly used for sleeping better without the sound from the streets or the morning sunlight awakening you. Regardless of the reason you need acoustical fabric curtains the above can be accomplished cheaply and by yourself with proper selection of soundproofing fabric curtains. Much can be accomplished by selecting the right soundproofing fabric curtains and doing little work by placing the curtains in place. By this the noise levels in your home will be significantly reduced. There are three types of soundproofing curtains. They are thermal blackout curtains, acoustic blankets, and luxurious soundproofing fabric curtains.
Types of Soundproofing Curtains
Thermal Blackout Curtains for Thermal, Light, and Sound Insulation

Originally blackout curtains were meant for prevention of any light entering through the window. Thus people can get a good night sleep and be awakened by the early morning sunlight. Also most blackout curtains are great sound and heat barriers. They reduce the sound level up to 40%. The reason for this is that insulation against sound propagation will be provided by the same thickness of the material, quality, and high density which allows light and thermal insulation. The total effect of blocking the sound and the sunrays can make the difference between waking up due to outside disturbances and sleeping soundly. Such curtains make a great purchase due to the fact that it is an added bonus that thermal insulated curtains also stop the sound.

Luxurious Soundproofing fabric Curtains for Home

The qualities of thermal blackout curtains are found in luxurious soundproofing fabric curtains but the materials they are made of are more pleasing to touch.
Acoustic Blankets as Soundproofing Curtains

They do not display fancy looks and so will not suit your bedroom or living room.
Applications of Acoustical Curtains
Acoustical curtains can be used in home theaters and other residential spaces, commercial spaces, restaurants, schools, churches, retail spaces, and office spaces.
How to buy Soundproofing Curtains
Find the window or wall allowing the most noise into your space. In this place you can hang soundproofing fabric curtains
For determining the size of curtains you need to buy, the area you will hang your curtains has to be measured.
For providing a barrier against noise, soundproofing fabric curtains must be at least 2 to 3 inches thick.
The appearance of soundproofing fabric curtains is like any decorative curtain but mass loaded vinyl material must be there in the back of the curtains. You have to ensure that mass loaded vinyl is made from high quality vinyl including silica and sand. This creates the soundproof barrier in the curtains.
Shop online or in specialty acoustic stores.
Remember to buy hardware and rods that will support the curtains.
Enquire about any warranties or return policies.
Follow the above tips while buying acoustical curtains.