Key notes of what you like and and what you don't, and even cut t interesting pictures and stick them onto a large sheet of paper. U will soon begin to develop your own personal preferences and color the combinations you find most pleasing. There are some broad guidelines to help you choose colour nbinations for your home. For example, to emphasize spacious, choose a limited range of white, pale pastels, or shades. To give a feeling of intimacy, use plenty of deeper tones and d colours in the warm red range; and include lots of colourful terns and textures. Decorating in rich, bright colours will help to enliven a dull, dominantly shady room, while subtle colours and darker tones I subdue a sunny room. Warm bold colours and strong contrasts ate a lively and inviting atmosphere, while cool tones and subtle itrasts create more of a calm and relaxed environment. Despite all these "rules", using colour is a very personal matter. our-like music - varies enormously in the mood and atmo- lere it creates, and we all have our own taste. So allow your own e and taste to develop as you plan; have confidence in whatever ours appeal to you, and have fun! Bright dark or hen thinking about colours for a decorative scheme, consider what tones they should be to complement the mood and atmosphere of each room. In fact, the tones of a colour can have a greater influence on decor than the basic colour, making a room appear larger or smaller, brighter or duller. This may seem confusing, but by following a few guidelines you can incorporate a variety of tones in your decorating scheme to achieve very precise effects. First, make a list of factors to consider, such as the dimensions of the room to be decorated. If the room is small, using pale tones will make it appear more spacious; if it is large, dark tones will create a feeling of warmth and intimacy. If you have a sunless room, you may wish to enliven it with light tones, while a sunny room can tolerate a range of darker tones. Consider, too, the major items of furniture, and the carpeting and curtains, that the decor must complement. If you already possess a dark-coloured suite of furniture and want to create a bright, spacious atmosphere in your living room, consider light tones for the rest of the decor. If, however, you have pale carpeting, the room will appear warmer with the addition of deep-toned, rich- coloured furnishings. The uranu tones of this shade of pinl: create all intimate atmosphere, ideal for a bedroom, About closing the room ill to atry significant degree. Right The pale muted tones ill this bathroom provide the perfect atmo- sphere for long, lux urious bathtimes. Pale tones also maximize the impact of any available natural light, 12 Orie drawback to choosing a completely white decor is that it can make a room appear rather cold and clinical. To offset this, include a few touches of warm tones and textured surfaces. White Decorating in white has many advantages. Since white reflects light, it makes poorly lit areas seem brighter, and increases the apparent size of a room - ideal for creating an illusion of spaciousness in a relatively small room. White walls are like a bare canvas, complementing pale-toned furnishings and providing a strong backd rop for dark items without making the room seem cluttered. You can easily and quite dramatically alter the mood of a predominantly white room simply by integrating colourfuI cushions, pictures, and other accessories, all of which can be easily changed. We try to bring the products and materials that are available in any market. The designing and decorating can be done by you. We almost present here the Do it yourself designs and decoration with simple materials and readymade products available in the marketplace. Visit our pages and view the images and pictures step by step to understand the proper method of doing designing and decoration in your home. We explain more and more themes for various house setups and cultures.

When you visit the pictures more and more, you may understand the concept of creating a home design and the basics of the artistic skills and how to use the materials and products we handle daily in our life to make the rooms and halls more likable. Thousands of home and commercial designing and decorative ideas are given here with where to purchase the materials? How to place them properly to make a creative living room and hall as well as designed modular kitchens?. Bedrooms are the place where we spend more time in the house, but on sleep. Hereafter you will love the bedroom and you will spend more on researching the designing parts of your bedroom interior designing and decoration.

Kitchens are the places where we more mess and dirt in our house, it is due to the preparation of food almost for the whole day. The busiest place in the home is the kitchen and we here explain how to maintain the kitchen neat and clean with less space and enough kitchen appliances. Visit the Garden sections to know about what are the plants are suitable to decorate our garden? How to maintain the garden without spoiling the place? Exterior designing and decoration is also an important thing to make our home more beautiful than ever. We try to explain the exterior designing and maintaining to make the first impression of the visitors best when entering the house.

Each and every interior design and decoration create different mood at home. The moods are playing a very important role in our short living on the earth. Moods create days with pleasure or the other extreme. Whatever happens in the outer stressful world, we have to be calm and peaceful whilst at our home to make the life worth-full. The world’s happiest place is our home; hence we design the home with thoughts and good moods not with materials and products tangible. We create views and moods not the designs and decoration with mere colors and materials.