Pastal Shades to Match the Accessories

Pastel shades

Decorating a room in pastel shades allows you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to choosing accessories to match. Pastel shades by themselves can help to create an atmosphere that is bright and spacious - useful for small and well-lit areas.
At the same time, pastel shades can impart a feeling of tranquillity and restfulness; this may be ideal in a bedroom or quiet living room where you like to settle down with a good book. Pastel tones from the blue end of the spectrum give a cool effect; those tinged with red, orange, or yellow add warmth. An easy way to create colour harmony with pastel shades is to choose a couple of basic colours - perhaps a pale blue and a beige, for example- and only add tones that are very slightly lighter and darker versions of them. Dark tones Decorating with dark tones is a definite design statement. If you are not used to working with colour, this decision takes a degree of courage.
For a start, it can be difficult to visual ize the effect beforehand, and if you are not happy with the result it will take several coats of paint to restore a light- toned base to work on. Dark tones can be very effective in the right environment. They are ideal for Left Large rooms allow you more flexibility to selecting bright or dark tones as part of your decorative scheme. The almost strident contrast between the purple of the chair and sofa coverings and the red of the cushions does not look ouerpcnoering ill this large, bright, sutt-filled room. Below Rich, deep toties of red create a warm, lively atmosphere - ideal for this dining area. The decor does not appear dingy, because there is natural and artificial light to compensate. creating a cosy atmosphere in a large, well-proportioned room, one that either has lots of natural light or else relies on well-placed artificial lighting. Alternatively, painting one wall of a room, or an alcove within a room, in darker tones can be a useful technique for accentuating certain features or adding a sense of depth. How- ever, you need to exercise caution in small or poorly lit areas. Hallways, especially, need to be bright and inviting .

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