Interior Designing becomes the norm of the all Homes. The most difficult part of any decorating project is, knowing, where to begin. Whether we are working around our existing furnishings or starting from scratch, we all need a spark of imagination to get us enthused for the upcoming project. These ideas can come from any- where, but most of us rely on decorating books or magazines to give us an overview for our rooms.
Because they are such personal spaces, the concept and scheme of the bedroom should be looked at with different eyes than the rest of the house. This is the only room that is not on show to the world. Even with a house full of visitors, your bedroom door is closed, the room to be shared only with your loved ones. The luxury of designing a bedroom is the purely selfish thought of creating around your own needs.
If you are planning a guest room, the sheer joy of decorating a relaxing environment for someone dear enough to stay in your home is special. So where do you start? One of my favorite modes of gathering ideas and inspiration for a bedroom is through travel and viewing the remarkable boutique and specialized hotels that are now all over the world. For years we have longed for the comfort of home when we travel. Now the pendulum has swung back the other way and we are eager to re-create these hotel rooms in the privacy of our own homes. Many of us have our first experience of sleeping on immaculate white linen sheets atop a feather mattress or surrounded by the delicate folds of mosquito netting when we are far from home. The delights of sleeping within walls washed in the boldest terra-cotta red or having shutters on the windows instead of traditional curtains all conspire to open up new possibilities for our own bedrooms. You may not live in a Mexican village or have the view from a Tuscan villa, but why not allow the impact of a memorable hotel room to influence the way you relax in your own bedroom?
"Here are some of the unforgettable hotels that I have stayed in- rooms that have inspired me and The Painted House team to re-create their charm and uniqueness in ordinary homes.