Style of Bed

The style of the bed you choose plays a major role in the overall design scheme. You can spend thousands of dollars on custom brass, wrought- iron, or hand-carved wood bed frames. Case goods come at a more reasonable price. But you can also be innovative and hunt down marvelous flea market finds. When taking the secondhand route, be aware that antique bed frames were constructed for smaller mattresses, so you will have to make adjustments to allow for today's standard mattress sizes. Old wood headboards may not have the design you are looking for, but with a little imagination they can be refinished with paint, stain, stencils, and paper to suit your taste.
If you love the idea of a brass bed, bear in mind that the beautiful rails and joinery will require a lot of rubbing to maintain their rich luster. Brass can be bought clear-coated to save you the upkeep if you want the look without all that elbow grease.

Another design option for styling your bed is to design your own headboard. Create a unique headboard from fabric an old door medium-density fiberboard or pieces of lumber. A contemporary concept is a platform built for the bed which can include other components such as shelving and side tables. A single-size sleigh bed has its own traditional charm, and can double as a daybed/sofa set against the wall and dressed accordingly with lots of back pillows.
Four-poster beds were originally designed as frames from which to hang fabric canopies and side panels. These were required to keep out the cold and drafts in inclement climates, or to protect the sleeper from insects in the tropics. Modern building codes have eliminated these concerns, but the look is still popular. Swigging a bed with yards of fabric creates a luxurious and elegant mood and a sensual sense of privacy.