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Echo Eliminator acoustical soundproofing material

Echo Eliminator is an acoustical soundproofing product and material with high performance. It is made from recycled cotton. This product is suitable for applications that control noise. Its usage is as hanging baffle in soundproofing or an acoustic wall panel to absorb sound. It is 100% recyclable, Class A fire rated, and L E E D eligible. It is lightweight, easy to install, durable, impact resistant, low cost, reflects high light, relocatable (with Grommets), and acoustical absorption with high performance. Echo Eliminator can be used in commercial and larger scale projects and unlike Ultra Sonic D I Y Kits can be found in a range of sizes and colors.

Echo Eliminator excellently reduces noise for room acoustics. Acoustical Soundproofing product, Echo Eliminator is usually compared to Fiberglass in terms of performance in sound absorption. It is slightly better than Fiberglass. The distinct advantage of Echo Eliminator is that in its basic form it can be utilized like a finished product not needing added decorative covering. The acoustical core materials of fiberglass additionally need facing materials usually to contain and protect the fragile glass fibers and for aesthetics. There is a choice of 9 colors in Echo Eliminator while the color of Fiberglass is drab yellowish.

Applications using Echo Eliminator

Classrooms, lunch rooms, cafeterias, school gyms, churches, community centers, multi-purpose rooms and any application needing a noise control product with high performance commonly use Echo Eliminator.

Sizes, Colors, and Densities available for Echo Eliminator

Echo Eliminator’s standard size is 2′ × 4′. Also available in sizes 2′ × 2′, 4′ × 8′, 4′ × 4′, and 12″ × 12″. The different colors are White, Light Grey, Marble Light Blue, Beige, Pure Blue, Graphite, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Hunter Green and Black. For 3lb per cubic feet density 1″ and 2″ thickness panels are needed. For 6 lb per cubic feet density 1″ thickness acoustic panels are needed.

Comparison of Echo Eliminator with other Acoustic Materials

It has been found that the performance and cost of Echo Eliminator is of superior value in comparison to other acoustic materials commonly used in architectural acoustics. While the acoustical performance of 2" Fiberglass covered with fabric is similar to 2" Echo Eliminator, the relative cost of the Fiberglass soundproofing panel covered with fabric is more than thrice as much. Echo Eliminator is an environmental, cost-effective, and people safe alternative to fiberglass acoustical panels covered with acoustic fabric.

The cost of 1" Melamine Foam acoustical panels is more than 1" Echo Eliminator panels but its acoustical absorption is half of that provided by Echo Eliminator. Besides 2" Melamine Panels covered with fabric can cost almost 2.5 times as much. In terms of performance and cost, Echo Eliminator is comparatively very favorable. 2" Echo Eliminator provides acoustical performance of more than 25% in comparison to Melamine Foam and also costs 25% less. The durability of Echo Eliminator is also much more than melamine.

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