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Acoustical Foam suppliers, Soundproofing Foam, - Two Secrets To A Great Home Theater Experience

Suppose you are thinking seriously about constructing a great home theater, then, surely, things like a wonderful HD screen, a high-power projector, a good stereo system are all required.  But what is overlooked by many is the appropriate acoustical design of the room for home theater. This article will explain two important points to realize a wonderful home theater, and also the reasons why you will get a good return on your investment when compared with all the remaining costly equipment that you have. The two factors are: Acoustic foam and soundproof flooring. Acoustical foam

Acoustic foam can be installed on the walls, and also on the media room ceiling. It is specifically designed foam, manufactured from bubbles of the proper size, and materials to absorb the maximum frequency ranges from the lowermost bass to the maximum audible pitch. The best quality acoustic foams are shaped like protruding spikes or pyramids which increase their total surface area, and thus maximize the sound absorption.

If you consider that acoustic foam is too much for you, you can have acoustic curtains instead, but you may not realize the same effect of sound dampening. Also, it is not easy to suspend curtains from the ceiling!

Acoustical Foam Soundproofing Foam flooring

Even though no one may be living in the room below, still it is important to install acoustic flooring or soundproof flooring in your home theater or media room. It is not for stopping the sound to enter in or get out via the floor alone, but to stop the reflections of sound off the floor. The reflections will be particularly strong in the case of wood floor or tiled floor, or generally any hard floor. You can reduce reflections considerably by using heavy, thick carpeting on your floor. The other choice is underlayment under the carpet, like cork, or specially made underlayment of acoustic plastic.

Why are acoustic foam and soundproof flooring so important?

Two reasons, first, to prevent the sound leaking out of the room. Without soundproofing, it will disturb the people who are not watching the film.

Second, to prevent the reflection of sound off the wall, the ceiling and the floor it is important to reduce sound reflections as much as possible in the home theater. Think of the large amounts you have invested in sound reproduction systems like HD TV, and big screen projectors. True reproduction of sound is necessary to bring out the best out of these systems as envisaged by the sound engineers and you want to achieve that. Therefore, it is very important that you have to minimize the unmanageable sound reflections within the room. So you must add extra soundproofing to enable sound producers to retain the best possible control of sound experienced in the home theater. If you need any advice on any issue related to the above, you can contact the Moov Group who has experts on this subject.

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