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Acoustical Soundproofing Products for Sports and School Audioriums
Soundproofing Sports and School Audioriums
Auditorium design is expected to ensure equal and good clarity of real sound to everyone in the audience no matter where they are seated. Whether it is public speakers, musicians, performers or singers all expect an auditorium with quality soundproofing so that each word is clear and there is great harmony in the music rendered. The audience on its part wants to enjoy superior acoustics with least "dead" or “live” spots in the hall.
The acoustical materials identified for soundproofing in an auditorium must have long life and decorative properties, with fire rating of class A and must have the ability to absorb reflections of sound to control background noise, and must also be able to disperse the sound waves to provide more balance and exposure to the sounds coming from the dais.
By installing decorative, fire rated wall or ceiling sound panels the sound reflections and also their reverberations inside the auditorium can be regulated better to convey better quality sound. The sound waves that reverberate inside the auditorium will fall on specially made sound panels and will be converted into kinetic energy. The reflected waves of sound will be scattered by diffusion panels to balance the dead and live spots inside the auditorium. Also, sound panels must be installed as a backdrop to the stage or at the rear side of the musicians for regulating reverse echo. The model auditorium is typically fan shaped having a curved or sloping ceiling and the floor inclined and sloping down in the direction of the stage. This shape ensures the breaking up of standing waves of sound.
Acoustic Results
By installing soundproofing acoustical panels in an auditorium you can receive and convert the unwanted background noise thereby minimizing the time of reverberation to within 2.0 seconds.  What results is better speech clarity leveling out the musical tones. The diffusion panels distribute the noise and improve the balance all over the auditorium regardless of the location of seats. Thus the audience gets an enjoyable experience and this will ensure that they return to the auditorium.
More Soundproofing Tips
Modern auditoriums have inclined surfaces that facilitate the breaking up of standing waves. Averting "dead" spots and dispersing the sound waves in the hall are the other two functions achieved. If your auditorium is shaped like a gymnasium, you will have repeated reflections of wave of sound. This will enhance the chance of "dead" and "live" spots, and hence you may need more numbers diffusion panels. Remember that absorptive panels reduce background noise, while diffusion panels distribute the reflection of sound in different directions for improved acoustic balance in the hall. For auditoriums in the shape of fan with sloping floors, the ratio between diffusion panels and absorption panels should be 10-1. The idea is to absorb enough background noise to create perfect speech clarity, and at the same time leave enough reverb in the room to mix together the musical tones.
Acoustical soundproofing is an integral part of interior design and decoration. Moov Group offers consultation on design, soundproofing and seating of auditoriums.
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