Buying Proper Seating Systems
You do not buy seating systems for a theater in the furniture shop of your locality. When you are looking for seating systems it is natural that you will be shopping at specialized furniture outlets of manufacturers who make these items in large numbers for many people who need them frequently. You need not just one chair for your house, but hundreds of them for a jungle gym or a theater.
Seating systems are likely to be abused by different people who are their users. There are adults who have the habit of resting their feet on the rear side of the seats just before them. The rear sides of the seats cannot withstand the pressure being applied on them in this way.
Children do all kinds of acrobatics on the seats like climbing on the backrest etc. They spill drinks like soda and all types of food on the seats. They may pee on the seat cushions and may fall and get injured often while doing such antics.
When this happens the child’s mother, instead of disciplining her child, will put the blame on the management of the theater for letting her child fall. She will also find fault with seating system by naming them for being the reason for her child’s fall.
For avoiding such situations it is better to buy your furniture from reputed seat manufacturers with a history of high safety standards. You can also verify whether there were any injuries reported in the case of the seats you are planning to buy.
Find out what materials are used for making the seats. You can ask the supplier whether the material can withstand stains and how difficult it will be to clean the fabric if at all something is spilled on it. Ask him to demonstrate how the cleaning can be done. Fresh stains are always easier to clean and you have hardly any chance of finding a fresh stain which is also easy to be cleaned.
Check the materials used to build the frames. The tougher the material that is used to make the frame the more the abuse and weight the seats can withstand. It is better to have frames that are clamped together and fastened to the base of the structure.
Frames bolted to the base can take the load of more seats and also make them stronger minimizing the chance of their breakdown. Seats bolted to the floor frame are called row seating. Sit in them and see whether they are comfortable. You may also move your weight to make sure that you do not brush with the person next to you whenever you move.
The weight that the chair can withstand is critical. Install at least a couple of seats which can take three hundred pounds or more.
Seating systems come in many designs. Seating systems for commercial purposes cannot be bought at furniture stores of your area.
You can seek expert consultations from established auditorium seating specialists like the Moov Group.
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