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Acoustical Treatment Methods

Types and Forms of Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic treatments related to architecture for beginners!

There exists an important difference between soundproofing and acoustic treatment – actually acoustic treatment is done to prepare a room optimally suitable for a specified application, and not for the prevention of the escape of sound. In the first part of this article we will discuss the room size, shape and dimensions and in part 2 how this can be done.

Room Size, Dimensions and Shape

Room dimensions play an important role in what can be heard inside the room. Sound waves, by bouncing off the walls add to the direct sound, causing early reflections, reverberation and flutter echo. The larger the size of the room, the more will be their effects. What part of it we wish to add to the direct sound actually depends upon the application. It could be a classical music hall. Or you could be recording instruments with the purpose doing studio work. The applications require different conditions and need acoustic treatment of suitable type. It is noticed that the artifacts like huge statues installed in some famous symphony halls contributed to good acoustics needed for classical performance. The wavelengths of sound also vary and if the actual distance from one solid wall to another equals the wavelength of a specified frequency, then a phenomenon called standing wave (also called room mode or resonance) takes place when the wave rebounds between the two walls. This is not ideal for critical listening because it artificially boosts the amplitude of that related frequency. Such resonances are known as axial modes. Also, sound may rebound from the walls again and again, giving rise to more multiple resonances like oblique and tangential modes. This needs a specialized software to handle but the values given below called bolt ratios will be helpful while designing the dimensions of the room.

1: 1.14: 1.39

1: 1.60: 2.33

1: 1.28: 1.54

It may be noted that you can use these values in whatever order, whether length, height or width. These ratios cannot be taken as the ideal ones for a perfect room, but are only guidelines accepted after trying for years of real situations. Standing waves are due to parallel walls, so, in case you are planning a professional recording studio, it is advised to build the walls at some angle to minimize this phenomenon.

Sound Absorption

Clearly, the dimensions of the room have to be decided at the construction stage of a building. Often, dimensions of a present room do not meet the ideal ratios and you can rarely find a spare room having non-parallel walls. To tackle this problem, there are several different methods - the first one being through absorption of sound using ceiling panels, wall panels etc. Absorber may be grouped into 2 classes - pressure based and velocity based.

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