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3 Reasons Why Rubber is an Ideal Solution for an Anti-Vibration Mount Design

The use of a rubber anti-vibration mount is to protect machinery and equipment from airborne noise vibrations and the association of friction with moving physical parts. Anti-vibration mounts can accomplish this by lessening unwanted noise, isolating vibrations inside work areas and absorbing excess shock. This is the reason why anti-vibration controls are vitally important to the successful operation of industrial machinery, automobile engines, and many other equipment forms involving interrelated and moving parts.

Even though an anti-vibration mount can be made from numerous different materials, there are many inherent qualities in rubber that make it an ideal solution for this application. The most common types of rubber used for manufacturing anti-vibration mounts include natural rubber, silicone, neoprene, or other synthetic rubber compounds. Typical configurations include rubber-to-metal options and all-rubber units. Certainly, the exact type of rubber used and the final product make-up will be determined mostly by the intended use of the anti-vibration mount being considered.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Rubber is an Ideal Material for an Anti-Vibration Rubber Mount Design

1. Rubber is extremely durable. Synthetic and natural rubbers are very resilient and tough. Consequently, rubber can withstand the hardships of harsh operating environments for more duration than many other materials. Additionally, rubber has natural resistance to oil penetration, fluctuating temperatures, surface abrasions, and ongoing exposure to the elements. For tough environmental conditions these features add up to a solution that is very long-lasting. Consequently, a rubber anti-vibration mount can perform the job it is intended for more effectively for longer duration of time.

2. Rubber Offers Increased Versatility and Flexibility. The design and manufacture of rubber components can be in just about any shape, color, or size. So, rubber is an easily customized solution for an extensive range of commercial and industrial applications. For example, rubber anti-vibration mounds can be designed and implemented in marine and automotive engines, cooling and exhaust systems, fuel tanks, and within sensitive electronics equipment. In reality, these units have almost unlimited number of real world applications. Alternatively, the fact rubber can be molded in an innumerable number of configurations makes it a perfect choice for customized noise and vibration control solutions across a various range of commercial and industrial settings.

3. Rubber Components Offer a Cost-Effective Alternative. Synthetic and natural rubber parts usually cost less for producing in comparison to products made from other materials. Besides, rubber components are also usually less expensive to fix or replace. This is important since with time, the cumulative effect of normal daily operations can result in excessive wear and tear on also the most durable and rugged anti-vibration mount available. Hence, an important factor to consider is to evaluate the long-duration costs of maintaining and replacing these items.

Certainly, the proper type of anti-vibration mount for a certain application will be different from situation to situation. Therefore, doing some upfront research for establishing realistic expectation prior to making any long-term decisions is always a good idea.

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