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Auditorium Acoustics - Challenges and Solutions

Whether it is an address by speakers, plays or musical performances, the auditoriums of churches, schools, and other organizations are used as central meeting places for several occasions. Such multiple activities, however, can also pose major challenge - that is, controlling the quality of acoustics inside the auditorium in such a way that it delivers clear audibility to every member present in the auditorium, be it an orchestra or a debate.

Sound Waves in Auditorium

Let us consider how sound waves behave in an auditorium when a speaker addresses an audience from the podium. If there are no acoustical treatments of any kind, a part of the sound waves coming from the speaker's voice will get reflected from all the surfaces in the entire auditorium, causing reverberations felt by everyone in the audience. In the meanwhile, sound waves is not heard by each member present in the audience with same intensity, creating unpleasant "live" and "dead" zones inside the auditorium. Acoustic treatments for auditorium will vary and depend upon the unique requirements of the auditorium, but typically include a calculated combination of panels for absorption and diffusers to absorb excess reverberations and to scatter sound more uniformly in the entire room.

Sound Absorption and Diffusion

One of the requirements for improving acoustics of an auditorium is absorbing of unwanted sound reverberations so as to increase the clarity of sound delivered. Absorption panels, which absorb sound and change it to kinetic energy, can be purchased in a range of colors and styles and to match the decor of any space. From simple fabric panels to wall coverings with Class A fire rating, to contemporary suede wrapped panels all in different colors, treatments for sound absorption are a must for the success of auditorium acoustic betterment project.

Also key to the improvement acoustics of an auditorium is deployment of diffusers to scatter sound waves more evenly in the interior. Diffusers help scatter the sound waves all over the auditorium so that dead spots are nullified and everybody in the auditorium enjoys quality acoustics, irrespective of the position of his or her chair.

Sound absorption panels and diffuser indeed can make a lot of difference to an auditorium acoustics but their overall benefit will be effective only if they are installed with precision. It is important to locate the right products with accurate placement based on the behavior of sound wave and the uniqueness of the auditorium. It is sensible and economical to consult a professional in acoustics and carryout the installation yourself under his guidance. In addition to the above other treatments like ceiling banners and sound absorptive coverings for windows are also recommended for a comprehensive auditorium treatment project.

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