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Types of False Ceilings and its Applications

False ceiling is installed under the slab of roof on supports that are suspended. Usually the false ceiling is provided for controlling temperature (insulating heat for AC), for installing lights, or to cover up electrical and remaining networking cables and too high or ugly ceiling. False ceiling is an instance of modern architecture and construction in both commercial and residential applications.

Kinds of False Ceilings:

False ceilings can be distinguished into several kinds depending on their utilities, material utilized, visibility, and appearance. The main classification depending on materials utilized are listed in brief below,

1. Gypsum Ceiling

2. Fiber Ceiling

3. Plaster of Paris Ceiling

4. Glass Ceiling

5. Wooden Ceiling

6. Metal Ceiling

7. Cloth or Synthetic Leather Ceiling

1. Gypsum False Ceiling:

It is made from hydrated calcium sulfate. This kind of false ceiling is sound insulated, lightweight, soft, fire resistant, and insulated thermally.

Gypsum false ceiling is available in square boards shape hung utilizing the aid of iron framework. On these boards the finishing work like laminates, paints, texture finish, and wallpapers gives good appearance.

2. Fiber False Ceiling:

It is very popular for building false ceiling because of its easy installation and low cost. The material utilized to make fiber ceiling panels is man-made by natural and synthetic minerals. Since these are man-made they are available in several shapes and sizes.

3. Plaster of Paris Ceiling (POP):

This is the mainly utilized material in constructing false ceiling. POP is got on heating gypsum to a particular degree. It gives both functional and aesthetical help.

This false ceiling is attractive, nearly no maintenance having a lengthy span of life. They are exceptional insulators of cold and heat.

These kinds of false ceiling not only conceal the unsightly members of ventilation ducts, structure, and conduits however also give the ceiling a smooth finish.

4. Glass False Ceiling:

One of the kinds of false ceilings utilized in construction is glass. It is a material that is non-crystalline having the properties of brittleness and transparency. However, this can be changed to make it non-transparent and non-brittle utilizing some admixtures.

Since glass insulates heat well, it can be utilized for false ceiling. This kind of false ceiling enhances the appearance of the building aesthetically.

5. Wooden False Ceiling

It is used because of its natural pattern and textures. Presently this type of false ceiling is utilized commonly since it is pleasing to the eyes.

Being costly, wooden false ceiling is not utilized in hospitals and malls however can be fitted in residential buildings. For getting the right look you can paint them or give various finishes.

Wooden false ceiling has several drawbacks, mainly which are:

• Susceptible to warping

• Susceptible to thermite attack

• The room must be controlled thermally

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