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Residential House Soundproofing Products and Techniques

For most of us, our home is a retreat to protect us from the outside world. Home is where one finds a shelter for peace, rest and quiet. But, as we all know, a number of people are not lucky enough to own a living space in quiet suburban locations; instead, they may be living in the midst of noisy neighbors, train lines, heavy traffic flow or even airports very near their homes. Conditions could be quite opposite too. For example, you may be practicing bagpipes or drums, or may own a home theater system which may quite possibly disturb the neighborhood. If it is so, soundproofing your house is the best option to prevent noisy disturbances.

Methods of soundproofing

There exist three key techniques of home soundproofing. They all work on the basic principle that waves of sound continue to travel until they meet some resistance and that subsequently the intensity of sound diminishes and dies out as it moves ahead. For soundproofing of walls, the foremost and the easiest method is to make the rooms larger. Large rooms prevent sounds from spreading. But if this does not work out, then somewhat cheaper soundproofing options may be adopted by installing heavy furniture about the house. Heavy material like furniture help in absorbing sound and also act as a resistor of sound waves. Ordinary household things and building materials like thick curtains, sofas, and also marble blocks serve as good materials for soundproofing.

Next soundproofing option is getting your house insulated professionally. Professional insulators make use of double pane glass windows to reduce noise travel. Window plugs are filled in the gaps to doubly make sure that your room is totally impermeable to sound penetration. Also, soundproofing walls as well as ceilings are necessary so that the room is made quiet. In order to achieve this this, thin layers of dry walls are additionally put up in between the rooms so as to enable them absorb the sound waves. In some situations, wallpapers also can serve as fairly good sound absorbers. For soundproofing of floors, the ideal option is to lay thick carpets to muffle footsteps.

The proper soundproofing methods help not just to prevent outside sound from penetrating your house, but it also stops undesired sounds from causing disturbance to the neighborhood. That's the reason why it is important for owners of residential properties to make use of the right soundproofing techniques and products to convert their haven into a comfort area - away from the intruding unwanted noises.

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