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Noise Control - Get Back to the Basics

Noise pollution contributes greatly like any other hazards to environmental pollution faced by the world nowadays. Many amongst us tend to see noise pollution and sound pollution as same, but it may be understood that the two have serious difference between them. We detect desirable sound with our ears by sensing the pressure difference, while too much of unwanted sound is called noise. Apart from causing a negative effect on the environment, too much noise can trigger health hazards like elevated blood pressure, weakened cognitive functioning, as well as other serious effects of stress in humans.

This article will deal with the various methods and tips as well as noise control products, a vital part of the transducers, sensors, and detectors industry, to restrict the exposure to noises of high levels that can result in great stress to our minds. Given below are few tips that if implemented can lessen noise pollution to considerable extent.

  1. The opinion that technology can turn out to be a pain is actually true, particularly with regards to mobile phones. The increasing number of mobile phones means increase in the level of noise produced by them. To overcome this, ensure that the volume of your phone is kept at the minimum level required. Raising the volume of your voices while talking should also be avoided.
  2. People generally do not appreciate the noise pollution caused by dogs barking. It is necessary that pet owners and local authorities take steps to prevent this nuisance.
  3. Minimizing the noise level in the office is also a necessary step. This will not only ruin your productivity but stress you also easily. Interact with the employer to devise ways to minimize the noise at the office. If your effort does do not bear fruit then you better look for a new job because there is no other way. That is the only way to protect yourself from suffering due to health problems.
  4. Take special care to keep sound from music or other sources low in the beginning of the day and nights because you want to relax at these times. Switch on TV only when required. Unwanted noise in the background is harmful.
  5. Keep the door and windows closed while music is being played. There will be less noise pollution. Installing noise barriers or enclosures for noisy equipment will help.
  6. Plant trees. Trees not only protect from gas pollution in the environment, but it controls noise also. Plant trees around your home. Your neighbors also will be peaceful.
  7. Last let us look at the hardware in the building. Get your cars as well as home windows double panes and weather stripping which will reduce the pollution levels due to noise. Additionally, these changes reduce not just your cooling and heating bills but they contribute in improving the environment as well!
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