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How Can You Reduce Noise Pollution from Noisy Neighbors

According to a TV report some time back certain local authorities in U.K. spent more than 100,000 pounds to put up an acoustic wall 10 feet tall around the perimeter of the playground of a primary school to shield the local inhabitants from noise pollution during play times. It may look ridiculous and sheer waste of money, but it points to one specific issue that has become very common - noise pollution. We may learn to put up with the noise or somehow be able to block it, but in case you have noisy neighbors then your life may become intolerable. Neighbors may become argumentative about noise, and even exchange blows. Though it is understandable, it is not acceptable. Therefore, if you come across this type of problem whether it is a television sound vibrating through your wall, or your neighbor’s teenagers blaring loud music throughout the day and night what can you do to stop it? Can you soundproof your home to keep out undesired sounds to make your home finally your private castle again? And more importantly, is it possible to do this without spending a fortune?

The answer is yes, it is possible. Known as domestic soundproofing, it is simple to install and doesn't cost much. Earlier, when you had only very limited options to tackle domestic noise: you had to either move to a new house, or be ready to spend quite some money to soundproof your home. Moving house is not a workable solution now for most people. Therefore the only remaining solution is to install domestic soundproofing.

People easily assume that it is very complicated to do domestic soundproofing, but it is really a misunderstanding. Domestic soundproofing is really a practical approach and is more economical than what you may presume. Soundproofing can make a quantifiable difference to those who are badly affected by household noise. Damping sheets of egg boxes and barrier damping mats can certainly lessen the noise inside your homes making your lives somewhat more bearable. Also, these improvements are achievable with minimum dislocation for both the property and occupiers.

A 2 mm thick barrier damping layer together with an open cell acoustic foam 12 mm thick can make a quantifiable difference to the form of waves of sound. The barrier layer is capable of reducing noise by 20 to 25 dB between rooms. Acoustic foam absorbs the airborne sounds further reducing the quantity of noise transmitted giving an overall reduction of more than 35 dB.

Self-sticking blocking material is fixed on the existing wall directly, through which the plastic mats are secured. Sheets of new acoustic plasterboard are next fixed on the plastic mats which are on top of the blocking material. With this method you also create an air gap in the middle of the acoustic plasterboard and the block which further assists in reducing airborne sounds. Acoustic plasterboard, in addition, helps in blocking and reducing the transmitted noise. The overall thickness of the finished wall is 35 mm which means that the room size lost is small.

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