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While designing the interiors of an office, have you considered soundproofing it? If you haven't soundproof your office yet, it is high time you should. But you are obviously wondering, what is the need to soundproof an office and what are the ways with which soundproofing is possible in offices? Your all queries will be answered once you reach the end of this article.

Need of soundproofing

As most of us know, sound is a form of energy that is associated with vibration of particles. When particles vibrate in a frequency that lies within the audible range, 20 to 20,000 Hz, it is called as sound and we will be able to hear it. Noise is also sound but it is simply unwanted sounds that adversely affect our performance. The effect noise has on us is more than what we imagine. Excessive noise has physiological, psychological, and communicative effects on us. While working in an office, excessive noise can cause mood changes, headaches,or even disrupt communication, which can affect the performance of employees. This is why soundproofing is essential.

Noise in an office can be external or internal. External noises can include the sound of horns or vehicles passing by or even a dog barking, that are generated outside of the room. Internal noises are created within the enclosed space due to the activities of human or electronic devices. External noises enter a room through walls,floors, and ceilings, and can be easily eliminated by soundproofing them.

Ways to soundproof

It is desirable to reduce the noise levels inside office spaces for the employees to be able to work to the maximum of their potential. To keep limit noise levels, the acoustics of offices may be altered. Soundproofing methods will help reduce noises. Some of the ways are

Soundproofing will either completely absorb or simply reduce noise. Absorbing sound is achieved by getting rid of echoes and reverberations. Reducing sound is possible by stopping the sound waves from travelling.


One of the benefits of soundproofing is that it will enable smoother communication between individuals and also block the sound from travelling to other parts of the room disrupting communications at that place. It is the best method to eliminate noise pollution in an office. Various soundproofing materials available are also attractive and efficient. There are fireproof acoustic materials.

The arrangement of acoustic materials bought, as well as its quality, is pivotal in deciding the acoustical properties of a room. The right arrangement of the right materials will lead to a top quality soundproof room that provides an optimized working environment for the employees which has marvellous effects in their productivity. Due to this reason, though soundproofing may seem like an unnecessary doing, it is a must when designing the interiors for your office. You can either include soundproofing methods while constructing the building/room or redesign it to meet your soundproofing needs. Talk to an interior designer about soundproofing your office space. Visit http://www.interiorgame.info/ for expert opinions and services on soundproofing.

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