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Cafeteria Sound Control - Is it Possible?

On a daily basis, cafeterias in workplaces, schools, and hospitals can serve hundreds, even thousands of diners. Apart from providing a dining location of convenience, also a cafeteria is like a social outlet for diners who enjoy a brief break from school or work. Cafeterias share a challenge of noise control common to many dining establishments - the presence of many reflective surfaces which increase sound reverberations that voices produce all through the cafeteria.

Cafeteria Noise Problem

The ample hard, reflective surfaces present in cafeterias are easy for cleaning however, is a source of reduced acoustical quality. As many people start conversing inside a cafeteria, there will be a reverberation of a portion of the sound that their voices produce from the reflective surfaces all through the room. There will be a reflection of these sound reverberations back into the room. This results in background noise which can interfere with sound quality inside the cafeteria. As there is conversation of more diners inside the cafeteria, there is an increase in background noise and for counteracting the higher noise levels people start speaking more loudly. Knowing about reverberation will make it easy to see how the levels of noise inside a cafeteria are aggravated as there is an increase in the number of people.


What can be done for lessening the problem of cafeteria noise? For improving acoustics inside a cafeteria excess reverberations have to be captured such that there is a clearing out of background noise. This in turn allows conversations among diners to return to normal levels. It is surprisingly easy for implementing treatments serving to absorb excess sound reverberations inside a large dining area like a cafeteria.

Sound Absorption Panels

Sound absorption panels are the key for clearing out noise in the background noise in a cafeteria to the extent that diners can enjoy a conversation that is comfortable and audible. The form of treatments can be wall panels or coverings located all through the cafeteria, or the arrangement of absorptive ceiling panels suspended from above that is more common. Today many products can be got for serving just this purpose, and easily treatments can be self installed. Regarding the positioning of each panel there is also some flexibility. This makes it easy to adapt a treatment for accommodating individual characteristics of a cafeteria, like windows and doors.

With information about the unique characteristics and size a cafeteria has, invaluable guidance can be provided by a soundproofing consultant as to the type and quantity of sound control products needed for achieving the desired results. Due to the unique nature of each sound control project, consulting an expert is advisable before attempting in installing a soundproofing treatment.

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