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Seamless Ceilings Installation PVC film 

Color choices and Methods for installing

Analyzing benefits and drawbacks, it seems that PVC ceiling is a material with contradictory properties. On one side it has a wide range of textures and colors, capacity of water retention and the possibility of re-installing the same film, whereas it is brittle when temperature drops to low levels, it could have odors, and could be environmentally unfriendly. Hence the choice is tough.

Color choices for PVC film for suspended ceilings

The key benefit of seamless ceilings manufactured from PVC is that you can have a wide selection of colors whatever be your taste about 120 shades. Also, you can have colors either glossy or matte having high reflectivity. The shade doesn’t fade or change over a period of time.

Besides, PVC ceilings have diverse textures: satin, marble, suede, matte and leather. You can also have imitation of natural materials like stone, metal, wood, leather and silk. You can also have quality printing of pictures as on a canvas, glossy but not grainy and porous. Even artistic painting is possible. Therefore if somebody likes to have a ceiling looking like starry sky, PVC ceiling is a must.

Methods for installing suspended PVC seamless ceilings film

There are 4 techniques of installing stretched seamless ceiling: harpoon, corded, wedge and clip-on. We will discuss the first one only.

Harpoon method of installing stretched seamless ceiling is used only with PVC film. The web is manufactured in the factory to a size lesser than the specified room size. To the edges of the membrane is welded what is called harpoons. As a standard, PVC film web size is smaller than room size by 5 - 10%. This is required   for ensuring good web tension while installing with no creases anywhere. An element or piece of PVC with more durability is welded to the edges to which the harpoons are fitted. Baguette is fixed around the perimeter of the wall to accommodate the harpoon leaf. Before installing the stretch ceiling, the space is warmed up using a heat gun, and also the stretched canvas, then the harpoons are hooked to the special spatulas in the baguette.

  You can cut the canvas of PVC effortlessly; an accidental impact from a pointed object will leave a hole.

PVC film cannot ventilate, hence the gas and steam exchange in the room does not happen.

At temperatures lower than +5° C the film made from PVC becomes fragile and starts to crack, hence installing such ceilings in rooms unheated is not possible.

It is also not possible to use PVC ceiling in homes in the suburbs where heating is not there full time.

Power of sources of light utilized in the chandeliers and lamps are restricted (not higher than 35 W for halogen lamps and not more than 40 W for incandescent lamps), because the excess heating will stretch the PVC film and deform it.

For installation of the ceiling, accurate dimensions of the room are required, because the seamless ceiling that is a stretched fabric is made using PVC in the factory, with the harpoon already welded to the film edges.

When the PVC film is heated it produces a disagreeable smell though a lot depends on the manufacturer and fabric quality. For instance some manufacturers add some special substances to prevent the bad odor.

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