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Basics of Sound and Soundproofing Products and Materials

Quick Point # 2

The Frequency Scale

Every sound creates a wave at a quantifiable frequency. Let us utilize music as a reference point.

In the musical scale every note creates a sound wave at an accurate measurable frequency. This is known as the primary frequency. The primary frequencies are segregated into three major groups.

1) Bass frequencies 20 Hz - 250 Hz

2) Frequencies in mid range 250 Hz - 2,000 Hz

3) Treble frequencies 2,000 Hz - 20,000 Hz

The upper treble and mid range frequencies are of short length and have less sound energy. Their energy will be lost quickly making them simpler to deal with considering room soundproofing and acoustics. The low frequencies (20-125K) of bass are much lengthier and have more sound energy. This energy is carried by low frequencies for long distances. This makes these frequencies more appropriate to room soundproofing and acoustics. Frequencies at lower range play a main role in both sound quality and room acoustics by creation of standing waves (room modes). Waves such as these color or distort the sound in the room creating an adverse effect on quality of audio. The appropriate range of frequencies of standing wave in room acoustics will be between 20 Hz and 300 Hz.

Quick Point # 3

1) As per studies majority of the utilizable sound information for humans lies in the range of 300 Hz to 4,000 Hz.

2) Our hearing has less sensitivity to low frequencies. For hearing these frequencies we need increased levels of volume. When there is a rise in the sound frequency our sensitivity increases.

3) With the utility of your stereo hearing (2 ears) you can accurately find the origin of the sound. By calculation of the delay in the interval of times the sound arrives at each ear your brain computes where the source is located.

4) You can filter frequencies and concentrate on what you would like to hear. You can focus on the violins over the remaining orchestra if you prefer or recognize the cry of your baby in the room from other babies.

Frequencies and Harmonics

The Harmonics of the basic frequency give each sound or instrument its own specific tonal quality. It is the harmonics making a Saxophone sound just as a Saxophone or a flute sound just as a flute even while they are creating the same frequency tone. In this article harmonics will be mentioned about but focus is mainly on the basic frequencies. A tone creates a basic frequency and that frequency in multiples is known as harmonics.

Quick Point # 4

We hear sounds that are a combination of basic frequencies and their harmonics.

Taking light as an instance, while walking outside sunlight is seen as colorless or white. On viewing through a prism you see combination of all the colors for making the light that can be seen. Sound works in almost the same manner. You do not hear the individual frequencies however what you hear is the total sum of the harmonics and frequencies blending together for creating your own personal symphonies.

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