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Auditorium acoustics 

What to say about the beauty of a flower if one is not bestowed with the power of sight!, so in Acoustic soundproofing Auditorium.

The same thing can be said about an auditorium that has a beautiful construction but fails to deliver the sound from the source on stage to each and every audience with top notch quality.

Auditoriums that are parts of an educational institution or a religious place or the sorts, will serve as the venue of an important event where a delegate might be delivering speech to thousands of listeners or a musical night hosted by a renowned singer entertaining a large crowd of music enthusiasts. In all these cases one of the things that should be ensured is that the speech or music should be clearly heard by the audience.

Sound waves Makes the difference

Considering the behavior of sound waves we can say that one of the major reasons of unequal delivery of sound to different parts of the auditorium is reflection. When the sound waves from the source traverse through the space and hits the walls of the auditorium, a portion of the wave is reflected. The reflected wave may interfere with the incoming sound waves and cause resonance which results in a ringing noise. This is unpleasant to the listeners. At the same time, the incident and reflected waves may combine destructively causing the sound wave to lose energy thus parts of the audience may not be able to hear. Thus 'live' and 'dead' areas are created at different parts of the auditorium.

Now that we have discussed about how the unequal distribution of sound occurs, let us go into the steps to be taken to avoid this. The sound solutions vary from one auditorium to the other since the construction of each auditorium varies from one to the other. Basically, the solution is incorporating absorption panels and diff-users strategically so that reverberations are absorbed and sound is scattered uniformly throughout the room.

Sound Absorbent panels

Absorption panels absorb sound and convert it to kinetic energy. They are available in different colors and styles suiting the decor of any auditorium. These panels range from basic fabric panels to class A fire rated wall coverings to ultra modern multicolored suede wrapped panels. They thus absorb excess sound reverberations thereby improving clarity of the sound delivered to the audience and are an essential part of auditorium acoustics improvement project.

Diff-users contribute to the improvement of auditorium acoustics by scattering the sound evenly throughout the auditorium. They help distribute the sound more evenly throughout the arena so that there are no 'dead' spots and the sound reaches each person no matter his position.

Effect of Acoustic Panels and Diff-users      
Simply installing acoustic panels and diff-users doesn't necessarily ensure good auditorium acoustics. Considering the characteristics of the auditorium, appropriate products must be chosen and placed precisely for an effective auditorium acoustical improvement. Though not approaching a professional for the same may seem economical, it is advised to consult appropriate professionals and seek for advice before dipping your hand into improvement of auditorium acoustics.

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